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About Me

Hi, I'm Amruta Bhavsar! In Spring 2023, I graduated with a BFA in Interaction Design and a minor in Computational Practices at California College of the Arts. I've been an artist forever but transitioned to UX design in university after learning how creativity can intersect with technology and psychology. Design is art with impact, and the real-world problem-solving you can do with it made me fall in love with the discipline.


While my mentors and peers know me for my work ethic and meticulous nature, I believe in using my skills to leverage positive change in larger systems. Great design not only solves a problem, but creates a lasting connection with users, which is exactly what I strive to do in my work. 

In my free time, I can be found furthering my learning about tech, playing piano, or cuddling with my cat Manuka.

Kitti Exhibition at 2023 CCA Senior Show
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